Use sales tools

Sales tools include the following

Customer acquisition tool: MA

MA is a tool for acquiring new customers. It picks up "prospective customers" (those who have not yet received an order, but are likely to become customers in the future), supports the development of new sales channels, and automates and streamlines various tasks in the process of acquiring business.

MA executes optimal marketing for each "prospective customer" with different interests and behaviors by using dedicated algorithms and AI.

Sales meeting management and case management tools: SFA

SFA  is a tool that supports the sales activities of employees. It is a system for managing, storing, recording, and sharing the progress of business negotiations and deals, as well as the feedback received. SFA also provides other tools such as task management and automatic scheduling to help salespeople perform their duties more efficiently.

Customer Relations Tools: CRM

CRM is a tool for sales activities to make the relationship with customers smooth and intimate after business negotiations are concluded, and to have customers who have received orders become repeat customers or fans. It is a sales tool to mediate between companies and customers to increase customer satisfaction.

CRM can increase customer satisfaction by taking the most appropriate approach to each individual customer according to data such as their purchase volume and usage status.

Among the benefits that can be obtained by sales tools, the common benefit of MA, SFA, and CRM is that they can improve sales performance efficiently.

First of all, MA uses an optimized algorithm to search for potential customers, automatically picking up customers with high needs for the company's products and increasing the chances of closing a deal.

SFA automates the cumbersome tasks of sales activities, eliminating the need for salespeople to perform tasks that are not cost effective. In addition, by automating scheduling and task management, sales activities can be managed smoothly.

And CRM manages the relationship with the customer after the order is fulfilled so that the relationship becomes smooth, and encourages the customer to become a repeat customer.

In this way, the three types of sales tools, MA, SFA, and CRM, can be used to improve the overall sales of the company.

Another strength of sales tools is that they automate and streamline administrative and simple tasks in sales activities.

By having sales tools perform clerical tasks such as entering documents in a fixed format and managing schedules, salespeople can focus on more creative activities.

They can focus on tasks that cannot be done by machines, such as thinking of ways to increase customer satisfaction and generating new ideas.

Make good use of sales tools to increase your sales.

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